Harry Cundell Photography

60 Years of Harry

60 years of Harry.

I have been a keen photographer for about 60 years, retiring from Banking in 1978, after which I was able to pursue my passion for photography full time.

I have always believed that photography stands in it’s own right as a visual art form and have constantly viewed the energy of surrealism of the Bauhaus with great excitement. A lot of my work over the years has been influenced by them. As a group they were very prominent in the 30’s, Strangely the members were not long haired hippies but rather grey people in raincoats which is my description of them.

I am a purist at heart but have always enjoyed testing new and old processes both chemical and digital.

We are now in the digital age and I believe that art will influence photography more and more in the near future. The different darkroom processes, over the years, were of particular interest to me and I spent some time using the bleach etch process. I have included some of the prints of these in my galleries.

I have always been searching for images in the illusive background and my ventures into taking pictures of minute objects, which I often enlarge substantially, by means of a flat bed scanner, often help me to see a totally different view of the hidden secrets which have become the backbone of some of my work. I am able to be critically selective which enables me to retain stunning detail, but my aim is to try to find some sort of truth In these searches; what I see is only there for a second or two before I am on to the next personal moment.

I have been an active member of Arena ( Photographers from the South ) for 25 years and am currently a member of Cambridge Camera Club and Saffron Walden Camera Club. I am also a Trustee, Past President and life member of Croydon Camera Club. I have had many solo and joint exhibitions in Galleries and I organized The Whiteley’s of Bayswater Exhibition, London, for Arena in 1999. involving some 550 framed prints.

Finally allow me to give you some food for thought :-

What we see as the final product of a photographer’s work is, of course, that photographer’s image. However it is an extension or interpretation of what the photographer saw when he or she was composing the picture in the first place.

Our own particular photograph is the end product of skill and luck resulting in a countless collection of images, pictures and photographs held in our brain all amalgamating, fighting and bursting for freedom, it’s all in our heads, we live in our heads, what comes out is a release, sometimes not what we intended, sometimes pleasing, many times a disappointment, but HOW EXCITING.

Many thanks if you have read down this far. Harry